Don't Want to Go Through a Full Remodel? Get an Interior Facelift Instead

Start by calling an interior painting contractor in Indianapolis, IN

If you want to improve your home without the hassle of a full remodel, we can help. At Rines Remodeling in Indianapolis, IN, we believe everyone deserves the satisfaction that comes from a newly remodeled space. That's why our interior painting contractor offers a variety of basic home improvement options.

Make improvements to your home for a fraction of the cost and without the inconvenience of a full-scale remodel. Contact a reliable interior painting contractor today.

Call On Us For New Flooring Installation

Call On Us For New Flooring Installation

What kind of basic improvements can we make?

In addition to adding elegance to your home with a new coat of paint, we can also update your:

  • Cabinets - by refinishing them and installing new doors
  • Flooring - with a new flooring installation
  • Backsplash - with new tilework and accents
  • Countertops - with new tile or decorative stone

Any combination of our facelift options will give your home a brand-new appearance. Call us at 317-550-8144 to schedule a consultation about new flooring installation or painting services in Indianapolis, IN.